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Historical City Palace (1865)
Luxury Real Estate Belgium

This is not real estate. This is a unique collection of antique artworks, very rustically combined into a beautifully decorated City Palace with a polygonal lookout tower on top of the roof. With a unique history : former owners in the 19th century invited prominent artists and musicians such as Liszt and Tchaikovsky for salon and garden concerts. The  property is categorized under the most Luxurious properties in Belgium.

During a meticulous restoration process (2009) by Belgian professionals, every square centimeter was carefully preserved. All original details and original marble and wooden floors were hand polished. Obviously gas, water and electricity infrastructure was replaced. But no changes were made that could damage the original character or features of the building.

This property is different than other objects this size, due to the high level of light exposure and the clear structure with large spaces. To emphasize that further, bright colors (from the period 1865) were used for the interior.

In doing so, a unique property – with an unusual amount of rich decorations in an extraordinary original condition – was restored in full glory. With an authenticity that still radiates the original grandeur of 1865.

The palace has unique open views to the front and a beautiful serene city garden with lots of privacy, but is very comfortable and safe.

Luxury Real Estate Belgium
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Safest place to invest


Real estate prices in Antwerp Center increased with
some 15% during the crisis of 2007 – 2009.
Prices are now more than 50% higher than before that moment.

Urbanization is a global trend. Antwerp is also steadily expanding. Over the past decade, the number of residents has increased by no less than 50,000. The diamond city is expected to have 70,000 more inhabitants in 2030, making it the strongest climber in Flanders. 



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