Antwerp is thriving.An increased growth in the future is foreseen.

Young people see the city as a social meeting center with endless possibilities.
The many cafés and brasseries are the ideal place to socialize.
Theater, film and concert halls are also within walking distance.

Older people also find their way to the city with all the necessary amenities.
And with all the shops nearby, they don’t have to walk far to do the shopping.
Health care infrastructure is also very well established.

For the time being, market experts don’t see the end of the long price climb for Belgian residential real estate.

Antwerp :
“The safest place to put your money in Europe”


The Port

The proximity of customers and suppliers, the high productivity and excellent services plus the sustainable infrastructure make the Antwerp port the beating heart of producing and consuming in Europe. During the last years, the port has reinforced its role as the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe. In 2018 many large companies have considered Antwerp to be the best place to realize their long term investments (total more than EUR 5 billion that year)

The Port of Antwerp is also the second largest container terminal in the world. A modern network of railroads, roads, pipelines and waterways carries goods throughout Europe in no time. Antwerp’s digital connectivity holds a spot in the top ten of area’s with the best broadband access. Growth in all cargo types in 2019 was on average above 6% and is expected to increase. 

The City

Antwerp (over 0,5 mln. inhabitants – metropolitan area > 1,2 mln.) is famous for fashion of new designers. The fashion department of the Royal Academy is one of the world’s most influential and great talents graduate(d) from there. 

Antwerp is a world center for diamond trade. You will find more diamonds in the “Diamond Square Mile” – where international diamond hallmarks originate – than in the rest of the world. 

Antwerp has a lot of other surprising highlights such as The Antwerp Zoo, one of Europe’s oldest and most attractive city Zoos. It is located next to the majestic Central railway station (which won many beauty prices). 

Locals proudly refer to their city as cosmopolitan with a village atmosphere. You can find everything here : old and new (big and small) theatres, many special museums, over 700 restaurants (75 in Michelin guide – 10 with 1 or 2 stars- ; but also delicious, affordable food from almost any country in the world), uncountable (large and small) shops. 

Antwerp still has an intriguing medieval heart with many of café-filled (some of them with hundreds of Belgian beers and jenevers) cobbled lanes, a riverside fortress and a truly impressive cathedral. 

And most importantly : gentle, polite people (who calmly like to enjoy the good life) everywhere ! 


Antwerp is more centrally located than London, Paris or Amsterdam and is better accessible (by car or plane), has the same level of facilities but is safer and has a more friendly atmosphere. And is way, way cheaper :

If an (all original) monument like this would be available at all in one of those cities, it would be priced at :
– London         :   USD 25 mln.
– Paris              :   USD 15 mln.
– A’dam           :   USD   9 mln.


Publication by the Global Property Guide research team

“Antwerp’s capital, the city of Antwerp, has been named one of the world’s top ten
 trendiest places, and is one of the world’s great cosmopolitan cities”


World’s most expensive cities

Shows the buying price, price/rent ratio, rent per month (US$), and gross rental yield (%) for a 120 square metre apartment (in most locations – see mouse overs). For assumptions see below.


Buying Price
US $ per Sq. M.

Ratio (x)

Rent per
Month ($ or €)

Rental Yield





  France, Paris                                         $ 15,867            36x                € 3,564          2,79%
  Netherlands, Amsterdam                     $   8,558            27x                € 2,569          3,72%
  UK, London                                           $ 26,262            36x                € 5,846          2,76%



  • The Buying Price per Square Metre, the Rent per Month (sq. m.), and the Gross Rental Yield are based on our yields research (see DATA FAQs). Figures are typically based on the average for a 120 square metre apartment (in most locations – see mouse overs). The apartments are typically in a prime inner city area, except in the Caribbean or Pacific.
  • The Price/Rent Ratio indicates the years of rent which would be required to buy such an apartment.


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